Velocity Werx - Salesforce® Solutions Accelerated


Velocity Werx Salesforce® Consultants have the experience and deep product knowledge that comes from years of delivering on diverse projects.

Velocity Werx and Salesforce® are helping organizations like yours realize more value from the cloud. With a strategic approach to solution design and development, Velocity Werx provides industry solutions and delivery assets to help speed the delivery of value from Salesforce® solutions.

Building on the foundation of customer relationship management (CRM), Velocity Werx and Salesforce® make it easier than ever for organizations to harness cloud-computing benefits in traditional areas such as Salesforce® automation, fast-growing areas such as customer service and support, and emerging areas such as asset tracking, contract management, human resources and supply chain.

Velocity Werx has made significant investments to create industry solutions and proven assets, capabilities, tools and accelerators for delivering Salesforce® solutions, at the speed you expect from SaaS.