Pardot® QuickStart

Tired of manually managing your marketing lists and "opt‑outs" outside of Salesforce®? Struggling to know which leads are more engaged and ready to buy? New to Pardot® and don’t know where to start? Take your marketing campaigns to the next level using the marketing automation tools available with Pardot®. Create dynamic marketing lists in Pardot® based on your Salesforce® data and provide visibility to your salespeople on how prospects are interacting with marketing initiatives.

 Key Benefits:

  • Our Pardot® QuickStart is designed to get your company up and running in days and not months.

  • Take advantage of key Pardot® features such as email templates, landing pages, form submissions, drip email campaigns and lead scoring

  • We’re experienced! Velocity Werx has multiple Salesforce® Certified Pardot Consultants.

  • Our Project Methodology

What’s included?

The Pardot® QuickStart implementation package contains the following services and configuration:

Creation of the following Pardot® marketing assets:

  • 1 landing page

  • 1 drip campaign of 3 emails using templates

  • 1 form submission

  • Enable lead scoring

Integration with Salesforce® CRM:

  • Install the Pardot® Connector Package

  • Modify the Lead and Contact Pages

  • Map Salesforce® Custom Fields to Pardot® Custom Fields

  • Map Lead fields to Contact fields

Technical Setup Guidance*

  • Assist in the implementation of Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity

  • Assist in creating a Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME) for Branded Pardot Hosted Links

Creative, content and branding will be the responsibility of the client (i.e. Velocity is not a creative agency).  Visit our Partner page for expert advice in this area.

Total Price: $7,125.00


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