SalesForce® Community Cloud QuickStart

What is Salesforce Customer Community?

Salesforce Customer Community is geared towards customer support, It is a one-stop, self-service shop for your customers and partners. Members can log into it and find answers, connect with one another to share experiences and resolve issues with the help of the Knowledge library. Partners and Customers can also be given access to Salesforce Standard and Custom Object data.

The Velocity’s Customer Community QuickStart implementation is the best way to quickly get started with Customer Community and receive a fast return on your investment. This is a very basic QuickStart to get a Community up and running using standard templates. It does not include the use of VisualForce pages.

Our Salesforce™ Certified professionals get to know your company and map your requirements to Customer Community functionality, following best practices.


  • Up and running in weeks not months

  • Done right the first time, quickly, using industry best practices with expert knowledge

  • Our Project Methodology


Discovery Session
Using a structured agenda, our consultants facilitate a requirements gathering session to quickly learn how your business operates and how it will be using the Community Cloud for your customers, users and partners. 

Salesforce® Configuration
Once we’ve confirmed all the details from the discovery session, our consultants will proceed to configure the Community Cloud Portal. 

A QuickStart initialization includes configuration of the following Salesforce® components:

  • Create Community using a standard template

  • Set Up Custom Community URL (

  • Apply Company Logo & Color Scheme

  • Set up Landing Tab or Page

  • Configure Security for Data Visibility

  • Profile, Object & Field Level Security

  • Set up 3 Community pages for Standard and Custom objects

  • Set up self help Knowledge (if knowledge is enabled in Salesforce) area

  • Configure chatter for customers and partners

  • Internal User Training

  • Customer User Guide

  • Lead or Case Assignment Rules

  • Post Implementation Support

Finally, we hand off your new Customer Community platform to you with an intensive two hour in-person or web based training session.


After installation is complete we proceed into our warranty phase. Through our OnDemand division, should you want to change or continue enhancing your Salesforce Community, we’ll be there on an as needed/as required basis. We can handle administration, customization and configuration requests for your Community so you can focus on growing your business.

Total Price: $4,550.00


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