Tip Tuesday Series - Checklist for Implementing a CRM

Here is the fifth and last installment of our five-week series, 


5. Integration. When choosing a CRM for your company, always look into how well the current programs and platforms you use to run your business will work with your potential new CRM.

The biggest mistake a leader can make is choosing the wrong CRM.

Yes, in some cases there can be "patches" or coding to assist with integration issues. But, what if that coding fails etc.? In some cases, this can lead to you changing everything in your company, just for peace of mind. 

Research is your best friend! Write down all of the programs you currently use. Then review the list and add to the list programs you may want or need in the future. Educate yourself on each CRM, look up reviews and known issues. 

Need Suggestions? 

Top CRMS of 2018, according to PC MAG

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 7.38.00 PM.png

Our Personal Favorite is :


It's user-friendly, easily integrates with most programs and platforms.

Next Tuesday we will post the full Checklist for Implementing a CRM

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