What was your first Cellphone?


Do you remember the day you went to pick out your first cellphone?

The rush of responsibility and making sure you had the fanciest one for your budget. 

Some of us preferred (or still prefer) signing up for a phone that is newer, better and bigger than our friends, family and co-workers. 

Did you own one of these beauties?

Did you own one of these beauties?

Let's take a moment for #ThrowbackThursday to have a giggle at our cellphone journeys.  


Mine was the Nokia above; I chose it because it was durable and so fresh plus customizable Lol. Yes, I said Fresh. 

Everyone today loves to customize their backgrounds on their phones, this one allowed you to draw on paper and create your faceplate via the template provided. 

Don't forget the fantastic four lights on the side to alert you of messages or calls .... or help you locate your phone in the dark LOL. 

For all of you mocking me, you were still able to take pictures and some video. It had some memory. 

Share with us an image, the name of your first cellphone or a fun story about your phone


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