The Beauty of Salesforce


Are you tired of having all of your documents, meetings, contact information, and contracts, etc. scattered all over your desk, desktop or drives? Organize it and have your data work for you instead of you working to input or find your data. Salesforce will help you organize your business so you can maximize your time. 

Does it sound like a daunting task to organize and implement a new program? Implementation of Salesforce is our strong suit. 

Contact us today; we can help you build the best Salesforce solution for your business.  

About Velocity Werx Ltd.  Velocity is a leading provider of Salesforce consulting and On-Demand Salesforce Administrator services to small & medium sized companies in North America.  Velocity is a Salesforce® registered partner, dedicated and trusted implementation consulting firm for its clients. Being an industry leader in Salesforce® innovation and creating operational efficiencies, we help our clients realize and accelerate their Salesforce implementation return on investment. Maintaining a socially conscious mindset, Velocity is a member of the Pledge 1% organization giving back 1% of its profits, 1% of its time & 1% of its products to non-profit organizations. We have offices in Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg.  To learn more about Velocity, visit