The Advantages of the Cloud Weekly Series

The Cloud

Most businesses are moving into the Cloud. There’s always a lot of concern and uncertainty around converting to ”The Cloud” 

Let’s clear up some of the information that is out here. 

What is the Cloud?

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or "cloud." 

How does it work? 

Instead of storing information to your computer's hard drive or another local storage device, you save it to a remote database. The Internet provides the connection between your computer and the database. On the surface, cloud storage has several advantages over traditional data storage.

 What are the advantages?

  1. Flexibility 
  2. Collaboration  
  3. Data Protection 
  4. Accessibility 
  5. Bandwidth
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July 17, 2018

Cloud Services and programs will allow employees to be more flexible in their work practices and spaces.

You're able to access your data from anywhere, so if something comes up and you're on vacation, or you've just let the office it's easy for you to sign on and retrieve the data in question.   

Also, you're able to offer your employees the flexibility of working anywhere. You will be able to cut overhead costs for your business; you may not need to rent office space.  

Your employees will be able to save on the value of child services costs, transit costs and more. Thus, driving engagement within your company and work-life balance. 


July 24, 2018


Organization is key within any business and having a cloud-based software and drive allows for proper organization of the document, notes, presentations, etc. No need to email a new version of a report to everyone when they can access the newest one on the drive from anywhere. 

Companies who have moved to the cloud have seen their employee engagement and participation increase immensely. With cloud collaboration, all team members have an equal opportunity to provide input, and it can be submitted anytime and anywhere they choose.

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Getting access to large files has never been more accessible than with the cloud. Usually, if you wanted to share a large file, you would have to email, put it on a stick drive or print it out. All you need to do is upload now! 



Data Protection 

July 31, 2018


We all buy insurance when it comes to most things in life such as property, equipment, ourselves, etc. There is one thing that insurance can't cover is the loss of data. What if you woke up one day and your business was devastated by a fire or a natural disaster? You could easily replace all of the equipment but, what about everything stored on those computers, back up drives, etc. All of that information about your clients and your business GONE!

If you chose to move your business to the cloud, you wouldn't have to worry about the loss of your data. It would be right there for you to pull up your boots, get things up and running again.


August 7, 2018


Using a Cloud-based solution can help you capture data in places you didn't know you needed. Imagine your salesperson is out and about runs into a potential customer, they login into your Cloud-based program ( such as Salesforce) they log the interaction and book a follow-up meeting, quote or a call right there. Most cloud-based applications can be accessed via any smart device. 

It's way more professional and progressive than giving a business card or writing it down on a piece of paper.  


August 14, 2018

Hosting your company's CRM on a local server versus hosting your company on a Cloud solution is as different as night and day. If you suddenly determine that your company needs further bandwidth with your local server, you would have to get your IT involved and it would be a lengthy process. A cloud-based service can accommodate a bandwidth change instantly. This would save your business time and money.    




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