Implementing a CRM


1. Hire a CRM Consultant from the beginning.

Your company will learn and maintain your CRM efficiently and correctly. 
We have several partners, as per CRMs we see benefits for so many companies when it comes to Salesforce. 
How We Do It: Plan>Analyze>Design>Build>Validate>Deploy
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2. Training!


When you launch your new CRM, you should ensure you provide proper training for your staff.

We’re happy to provide in-depth learning. We can also point you in the right direction for self-directive learning. 
How We Do It: Plan>Analyze>Design>Build>Validate>Deploy



3. Feedback!

Your employees will not buy into a complicated system that is customized from the top of your company down. 
Your company chooses to implement a CRM; it may be seen as strictly a performance management tool. When in all reality it's a tool that can organize and make their work life so much easier. 
Say your company chooses to go with @salesforce and let’s say you select @velocitywerx * Hint Hint* as your Salesforce Consultants. We would work with a contact from your company to create your Salesforce instance. If we had a magic wand, everyone would love it immediately, and there would be no changes made. 
We always suggest running it past a user in each department. Employees are your best source of untapped knowledge. Even a functionality change they can suggest could be a huge time saver. When you change over to Salesforce you want something brand new, don't bring the old way of doing things with you. Remember similar, and the same are two different things. Reinvent your ideas and carry your company into the future! 

4. Keep your CRM and other Software up to date.

Updates are crucial primarily if your company uses other applications integrated with your CRM. Also, Update yourself to ensure your company is utilizing your CRM to the best of its ability for your company. 



5. Integration.

 When choosing a CRM for your company, always look into how well the current programs and platforms you use to run your business will work with your potential new CRM.

The biggest mistake a leader can make is choosing the wrong CRM.

Yes, in some cases there can be "patches" or coding to assist with integration issues. But, what if that coding fails etc.? In some cases, this can lead to you changing everything in your company, just for peace of mind. 

Research is your best friend! Write down all of the programs you currently use. Then review the list and add to the list programs you may want or need in the future. Educate yourself on each CRM, look up reviews and known issues. 

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